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£10,000 Carbon Fibre Operating Table Extension Helps to Save Legs at Pilgrim Hospital

Handing over this piece of equipment that is crucial to saving legs, Dr C R Nyman, President of the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund said "We are glad to fund this piece of equipment that has become important in the continuing treatment of Vascular disease at Pilgrim Hospital. This will avoid our patients having to travel long distances to get this State-of-the-Art treatment."

Mr N Arya, Consultant in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery said "We are really grateful on the behalf of our patients and staff for this timely donation. It has been very important in continuing this important service at Pilgrim Hospital after the service was disrupted due to breakdown of critical equipment."

Vascular disease causes poor circulation to the limbs and can lead to amputations and sometimes loss of life. Many of the patients suffering from this disease are quite ill and need treatment under local anaesthetic to improve the circulation. Many times this requires the blood flow to the limbs to be restored by a procedure called an angioplasty that entails fine balloon tipped tubes to be passed into the blood vessels and the balloon opened in the blocked portion of the vessel. This is done under x-ray guidance and the normal operating table is unsuitable as it has metal parts that impede the passage of x-rays. The donated Carbon Fibre table extension is completely metal-free and allows this procedure to be carried out in normal operating theatres.

angioplasty diagram

Mr Arya further said "We want to extend this minimally invasive treatment to other vascular diseases and I believe that this is important as it avoids major open operations that are a lot more risky to our patients than this endovascular treatment. Also as these procedures are done in the Operating Theatre, we can safely combine it with open surgery if indicated."


Left to right Dr C R Nyman and PHLF Committee members, Mr J Mohan and Mr N Arya with their Team.