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Latest News

Sponsored Cycle Ride

The sponsored cycle ride around part of Lincolnshire took place on Saturday, 8 May 2010, leaving Pilgrim Hospital in Boston at 8.30am. We had a team of eleven cyclists. The plan for each participant was for them to cycle for one hour and prizes would be awarded to the cyclist who covered the greatest distance in that hour, there would also be a prize given to the cyclist who raised the most sponsorship money during the event. The Mayor of Boston started the event at 8.30am and the event finished at 9.30pm later that day. It was a horrendous day weather-wise, it rained for most of the cycle period and we faced heavy winds which appeared to change in different directions as the event proceeded through the day.

From Boston the cyclists travelled on to Skegness, Huttoft, then further afield to Saltfleet, North Somercotes, Utterby, Louth, Market Rasen and then on to Gainsborough, they then turned south heading towards Lincoln and then on to Newark, from Newark, again moving south, but on this occasion towards the east, headed towards Sleaford, then to Grantham, back via Swineshead and into Boston.

The cycle period was a total of eleven hours and the distance cycled all told was 178 miles.

The team did a very, very good job and worked very hard against great difficulties weather-wise but they surmounted the problem without any complaints.

Sponsorship-wise they did very well, although all the monies have not been received at this point, we have now accumulated nearly £3,000 which will be used by the Pilgrim Heart & Lung Fund for further equipment and to maintain services for people suffering from heart and lung disease.

We are still debating whether we should do the event again the following year or to change direction a fraction with it, we will keep you updated.

PHLF Spring Ball

The PHLF Spring Ball went exceedingly well, it took place at the County Club in Boston on 19 March 2010. We had a total of approximately 80 guests and the music was supplied by "Something for the Weekend". Everybody appeared to have a very good time. There was a raffle during the course of the evening and the raffle raised a little over £800 which will be used for the Pilgrim Heart & Lung Fund for supporting patients suffering from heart and lung disease. We would hope to have the Ball take place again in 2011.

Rotary Wheelbarrow Push

The Wheelbarrow Push in October 2009 was a resurrection of this event which used to take place the best part of 20 years ago. The idea of the event is for teams to have a weighted wheelbarrow to push around the town of Boston to a set number of public houses, at each public house one of the team was to have a drink of ale. There were seven public houses en route and these were the Indian Queen, The Still, Prospect, Stump and Candle, The White Hart, Kings Head and Goodbarn's Yard. A number of those public houses also donated amounts of money for the function.

This event was organised by Boston Rotary Club by Mr Tony Elmer with help and assistance from a number of other fellow Rotarians. The event was a great success and raised approximately £1,400 which was donated by Boston Rotary Club to the Pilgrim Heart & Lung Fund.

It is an event which will take place now on a regular annual basis and hopefully will be as successful as this year's event.