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13 August 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

JOGLE 2007

The JOGLE event from 5-10 August of this year was completed with great success. It was a very hectic and tiring run/cycle ride for not only the twenty participants but also for the back up teams of drivers, documenters and those providing food for all of us who attended the event. It seemed on our return from Land's End that we had completed the equivalent of "around the world in 80 days", equated to around Scotland and England in four days.

We left Pilgrim Hospital at 1.30pm on Saturday, 4 August, travelled to Dunfermline where we had a meal and rested over night before travelling further to John O' Groats for the beginning of the event. This started at midnight on Sunday the 5th. For the first two days basically the participants ran and cycled in very cold weather, a head wind and at times torrential down pouring of rain. We were surprised at the time when we learned by telephone messages that the Boston area was going through a heat wave! The event consisted of two teams, one running or cycling between 12 midnight to midday and the second from 12 midday to midnight and on and on the event went.

Tremendous support and camaraderie developed between participants and supporters during the event and it was wonderful to see as we came down through Scotland and England that the weather slowly but surely changed from a wintry climate to a nice sunny, hot summer of the UK. There were a few hold ups due to accidents en route and road work repairs but the teams battled on regardless. We arrived at Landís End at a little after 10 o'clock on Thursday, 9 August and then settled down to a good night's rest.

Participants and all support workers were absolutely shattered, not only were they tired and fatigued but also understandably became a little short tempered, that is, however, par for the course. I hasten to add that with seven cyclists on this occasion and some superb marathon runners the event was completed in a time of approximately 94 hours, however there were a number of hold ups and the actual time taken for the event was 87 hours and 24 minutes, this is of course the fastest time that we have ever done for this event and everyone of course was enormously happy despite the hardships.

On the last "day" of the event runners and cyclists found it increasingly difficult to perform due to aches and pains in muscles and joints and increasing fatigue but they all battled on tremendously with great effort and stoicism.

As soon as we finished participants were again talking about another JOGLE in the future which I am sure we will be able to arrange again in a few years' time so bear with us and hopefully we will have a similar degree of support as we have on this occasion and in 2003 and 1982.

The event is tiring, indeed exhausting, for everyone involved, it seems that one is only having to do one hour or so work on the road and then have 23 hours off but it is not like that, the 23 hours off include travelling on by coach to the next pick up point, having a quick sleep, something to eat and drink and then getting prepared to take over the shift at either 12 midnight or 12 midday. It is exceedingly hard work as any of the participants will tell you.

I am personally indebted to everyone involved with the event for everything that was done to make it such a great success. This includes all our twenty participants, John Fowler's Coaches, Boston Lions and Phil Haines for the mini bus loaned to us as well as all the free catering facilities, those involved with documentation of the event, the drivers of the mini buses and coaches, Pilgrim Pharmacy, our physiotherapists and our two doctors who were there to treat patients appropriately and also to participate in the event itself.

We will have a reunion dinner for all participants in the event at Boston County Club on 20 September of this year and a little later this year we should know exactly how much money the event has raised for the HESCA Appeal and the Pilgrim Heart and Lung Fund.

So it was a great event albeit very tiring and exhausting for everyone involved with it including the runners and cyclists, a lot of money raised for charity and superb to know that the time for the event on this occasion was much quicker than it has been done in the past.

Best wishes.

Yours faithfully

Dr C R Nyman
Consultant Physician, Cardiorespiratory Medicine